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A Candid Approach To Your Healing Journey

Psychotherapy & Wellness


Find Your Balance

Therapii is your dedicated online service for mental wellness offering specialized counselling services to support you through life's complexities.


We understand that life's journey is filled with unique challenges, whether you're navigating personal hurdles, seeking deeper connections in your relationships, or striving for a greater sense of self. Therapii is here to offer support every step of the way.

Find your balance with Therapii. 

Balancing Rocks

Our Practitioner


Gurkiran Kaur, BSW, MSW, Ed.D (In progress) has over a decade of experience in psychotherapy and social work.

Her approach to therapy is deeply rooted in the principles of empathy, understanding, and evidence-based practices, which are vital in supporting clients achieve a state of balance and harmony in their lives


Discover a Path to a Balanced Life with Therapy Services

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Meet & Greet


15 min initial meeting with our therapist before booking your initial session. This is a friendly introduction to see if we're the right fit!


Individual Therapy


A personalized approach to mental wellness, where you can explore your thoughts and feelings in a confidential, one-on-one setting. 



Walk & Talk

In an outdoor setting, we'll engage in meaningful conversations focused on your healing and growth. 

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